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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The journals are being printed and we will send them out in the beginning of December! 


The Sound of Sisterhood is a 4-in-1 Journal: Mooncalender, Female Cycle Tracker, Diary and Project Planner.


Create your Life in Tune with your Feminine Flow and the Rhythm of Nature. 


This book allows you to discover your cycle , explore it and integrate its wisdom into your daily life. It enables you to intuitively discover your female cycle and learn how to use it for yourself.

Instead of suffering and judging yourself, you will move towards empathy and self-acceptance. It allows you to structure your life to flow with the rhythms of nature. The calendar is aligned with the lunar phases and can reveal some mysteries of existence and life.


The integrated strategic life planner will give you the opportunity to

  • dream big and break down your big dreams and life plans
  • clearly define your deep desires
  • evaluate every month
  • plan your weeks
  • take daily action steps towards your goals

It is possible. Remember, when you’re aligned, things will flow much more effortlessly! This book is based on my "Flow in Discipline" method, which I first created for my own use. Now I want to share it with you.

Besides this, there will be stories of inspiring women that will share some of their personal stories, insights on their journeys, and how their lives changed when they connected themselves more to their feminine intuition. I will share some of my personal experiences and stories, memories, and other surprises, too. All this will give a glimpse into long-forgotten times.

Additionally, you will all have free access to an online portal where you can find even more inspiration, explanatory videos, guided meditations and visualisations.

Are you ready for this adventure?

By the way, your partner can be part of this journey, too!


The Sound of Sisterhood 2021 -The 4-in-1 Journal for Women

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